CEU Requirements

NJCIDLwill offer one or more approved HSW CEU's during the year. Please check our website for current information.

Certified interior designers in New Jersey must fulfill CEU requirements in order to maintain their certification.

According to the information on the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs website, "A certificate holder shall not be required to obtain continuing education credit hours during the first biennial renewal period in which the certificate holder first obtains certification. For each succeeding biennial renewal period, the certificate holder shall complete a minimum of 12 continuing education credit hours related to interior design services. Of the 12 continuing education credit hours, at least six must concern health, safety and welfare issues related to interior design services."

Before the current two year cycle ends on September 30, 2014, you are required to earn 1.2 CEU credits related to interior design services. CEU credit hours are expressd in 0.1 unit credits for each hour of education. Of the 12 (1.2) continuing education credit hours, at least 6(.6 ) must concern health, safety and welfare issues related to interior design services. These courses must be approved by the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC). You can find out if a particular course is IDCEC approved by asking the course provider.

Each certificate holder shall be required to submit documentation of completed continuing education courses and programs upon request. This documentation must be retained for a minimum of five years. Documentation for each course must include its title, a descriptive outline including the sponsor and names of presenters, and its description as prepared by the sponsor including dates and hours.

Continuing Education courses are offered throughout the year by NJCIDL, NJASID, IIDA, AIA and other organizations. Not all courses meet the requirements of being Health/Safety/ Welfare related and approved by IDCEC. The course provider can give you this information, and it is your obligation to find out about this if you want the credits to count towards the requirements for maintaining your certification.

There are also organizations which offer CEU courses online. The following websites often offer CEUs which are IDCEC approved:

If you have any questions regarding CEUs, please contact us.