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0.1 HSW CEU Title:Impact of Design on Behavior


Mary Therese Hankinson, MBA, MS, RD, EDAC, Former Chief, Patient Centered Care & Veteran Experience, VA NJJHCS; Current: Adjunct Professor and Internship Coordinator, Master of Healthcare Administration Program, Seton Hall University, Nutley, NJ


Maggie Phan, NCIDQ, LEED AP, Interior Designer, VA NJHCS


As a result of this presentation, attendees will identify applications of the following topics for healthcare, residential, commercial and hospitality/hotel environments:

1. Strategies to implement user-centered design including simulation, listening sessions, focus groups, design charrettes.

2. Interior design elements and architectural features that create a non-institutional, environment for healthcare environments.

3. Surface materials and anti-microbial fabrics that enhance infection control.

4. Lighting and acoustic innovations that facilitate choice and control in environments of care.

5. Lessons learned from evidence-based design projects in the health care environment.

0.1 HSW CEU Title:Designing for Family Support / The Foundation of Patient Experience


Elaine DeLuca Knorr, Healthcare Manager at Steelcase Inc


Supporting all facets of the patient experience in a hospital setting involves understanding and catering to family members and other stakeholders too. When healthcare institutions focus on everyone involved in the patient health journey, it creates a solid support loop that influences better overall outcomes--for patients, the hospital and even the community. This course outlines patient and family involvement, and the nuanced benefits of family involvement in the patient experience. By learning about the needs of each player, including family, clinicians and hospital staff, course attendees will learn about and connect the dots to the key design considerations for the spaces these players occupy that majority impact satisfaction, wellbeing and overall positive experiences.

0.1 HSW CEU Title:Healing the Healthcare Environment CEU


Recent studies have shown that the healthcare environment affects clinical outcomes. Given its impact on patients, visitors, and staff. A person entering a healthcare facility seeking to maintain or restore health and to have a positive experience will not achieve this if the environment does not promote health.

This CEU will:

1. Examine the impacts (+/-) that Design and Material Selection have on the Healing Environment

2. Understand the influences that Acoustics, Light, and Color have on Patient Healing and Staff Satisfaction

3. Identify Key tools for measuring Patient satisfaction and the benefits to Healthcare system & facilities

4. Learn what can be done to achieve a healthy, safe and satisfying work environment for Nurses and Hospital Staff.

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