Health, Safety, and Welfare’s (HSW) Impact Upon Interiors

These are some of the issues defining HSW's impact upon interior spaces and their occupants. This list is not intended to be comprehensive but a starting point for further research.


Indoor Air Quality:

EPA: Indoor Air Quality – The Inside Story – Read More >

Lead Paint

EPA: Where to find lead paint and its health hazards – Read More >

Toxic Chemicals:

“First Do No Harm” by Gary Cohen
This paper explores linkage between contaminants and health and discusses the environmental innovations that hospitals are implementing to not only create more optimal conditions for healing in their institutions, but also to prevent disease in the general public. – Read More >


Accidents and Falling

Factors That Contribute to Slipping and Falling – Read More >


Study: Sprinklers Proven to Protect the Environment The initial findings of this study show that home fire sprinklers protect the environment and its inhabitants. The study, a collaborative effort of FM Global and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, involved the burning of two furnished living rooms, one of which had been outfitted with a quick-response sprinkler. – Read More >

Window Blinds

Window Covering Safety Council Recalls to Repair All Roman and Roll-Up Blinds Due to Risk of Strangulation. – Read More >


Privacy / Noise Control

Sound Solutions: Increasing Office Productivity Through Integrated Acoustic Planning and Noise Reduction Strategies – Read More >

Aging in Place

“In the marketing minefield of design for aging, Ms. Leibrock knows what many do not: It may be good for you, but if it doesn’t look good, nobody’s interested.” – Read More >

For more information on Cynthia Leibrock


A. Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers: United States Green Building Council: LEED for Commercial Interiors Reference Guide

B. ASID & USGBC REGREEN Residential Remodeling Guidelines

C. Rutgers Center for Green Building: NJ Green Home Remodeling Guidelines

Universal Design

Designing for the Elderly Population: The Americans with Disabilities Act and Its Implications for an Aging America, American Society of Interior Designers by DAK Kopec, Ph.D., CHES, IDEC


“There are a lot of things in life to which we pay scant attention, until they don't work the way they're supposed to. Wayfinding is a case in point. When we go to a library, museum, theatre, campus, retail store, or business, the only time we think about wayfinding is when it's confusing or nonexistent. – Read More >