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Victory in Mississippi Legislature
The Mississippi Coalition for Interior Design Legislation (MCIDL) is happy to announce the passage of HB 1096, the Mississippi Certified Interior Designer Act, which was signed by Governor Haley Barbour on March 11, 2011. The bill passed overwhelmingly in both chambers of the Mississippi Legislature after years of discussion and consensus building within the design professionals in Mississippi. Our grassroots effort, which relied heavily on the interior design students at our three universities, was a great success. Students, faculty, professionals, and supporters launched a campaign in which legislators were contacted via email, phone, and personal meetings seeking their support for our legislation. The Mississippi AlA did not oppose our legislation, and the Mississippi State Board of Architecture is In the process of working with us to establish the Interior Design Advisory Committee (IDAC) which will allow Mississippi Certified Interior Designers to have a committee under their board. This will be similar to the landscape architecture committee which is also a committee under the Mississippi State Board of Architecture. Through this legislative process, we  have forged many friendships and supporters in the legislature, in the Architecture community, and in the community at large. This is a positive step toward creating a professional culture for I nterlor Design in the state of Mississippi.

Respectfully submitted by:

Beth R. Miller, President MCIDL