What is a New Jersey Certified Interior Designer

The Interior Design Certification Act, which is a Title Act for Interior Designers,was approved in October 2002. The legislation regulates the title of Certified Interior Designer in the State of New Jersey. Read More>

What is a NJ-CID

  • A New Jersey Certified Interior Designer, (NJ-CID #000), signifies an individual who has met the state’s requirements for interior design Experience, Education and Examination, and holds a  valid certificate issued by the New Jersey Interior Design Examination and Evaluation Committee, under the State Division of Consumer Affairs. 

How do you know if your interior designer is certified in New Jersey

  • New Jersey Certified Interior Designers are required to identify their name and certificate number they received from the state on their business communications, including but not limited to business cards, stationary, proposals, invoices, advertising and drawings. Such as: “Jane Doe, NJ-CID # 00000” or “Jane Doe, New Jersey Certified Interior Designer 00000”

What is a Title act

  • A title act is an act that identifies those who are qualified to use the title, in this case: New Jersey Certified Interior Designer (NJCID).  It does not prevent anyone from the practice of interior design, interior decorating, interior consulting, or any other design services in the State of New Jersey.

What is the legal definition of interior design services in New Jersey

  • Interior design services means the rendering or offering to render services, for a fee or other valuable consideration, in preparation and administration of interior design documents, including, but not limited to, drawings, schedules and specifications which pertain to the design intent and planning of interior spaces, including furnishings, layouts, non-load bearing partitions, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting location and type, outlet location and type, switch location and type, finishes, materials and interior construction not materially related to or materially affecting the building systems, in accordance with applicable laws, codes, regulations and standards.” (N.J.A.C.13: 27-9.2 Definitions)